Palm Trees Pictures as Travel Souvenirs

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I colllect it back some palm trees images that has scattered out of the many in my mobile phone. These aren’t the best photos and the resolution is low anyway, but don’t have the heart to throw them away. Because these Arenga Palm Trees Pictures  are the history of Arenga brand, part of the journey up the mountain and bring it down to the market. 

These Arenga palm trees are growing on hillsides on the island of Java Indonesia. It is an ideal place to grow. Because they got rain and heat throughout the year as one of the best condition for the trees.


Arenga Palm Trees Pictures
Work required us to go in and out of the village, up and down the mountain. And we also love traveling with natural insight. So every time we see a clump of palm trees growing in its place  we will definitely take some pictures for souvenir. Palm trees pictures make us happy.


Arenga Palm Trees Pictures

Palm fruits, the hanging gold

Have you ever read about the legendary story between Sunan Bonang (a member of the Waling Songo) and the palm tree? The story is about a thug who wants to be rich but doesn’t want to work. So Sunan Bonang advised the naughty young man to look at the palm trees that were bearing fruit. The fruits are the gold hanging, they can be picked and make people rich.


Arenga Palm Trees Pictures
Palm tress pictures


Palm trees are scattered almost throughout the Indonesian archipelago. Even though this tree is economically useful, currently there are no large-scale sugar palm plantations such as oil palm. So what are used to make palm sugar are trees that grow on mountains and in forests like this. 



We have already fallen in love with the palm tree. Seeing him from afar is like seeing an old acquaintance, we’ll stop for a while to say hello. In this case to take his picture.


If you see a Arenga palm tree and there is a bamboo with holes in it leaning against the trunk, that’s a sign that the tree is being tapped. The bamboo ladder is used by palm sugar craftsmen to raise the sap container and lower it every morning and evening. A tiring job of course



This is a bunch of wild palm trees. They are bred by civets, nocturnal animals that will eat the ripe fruits and then throw their feces anywhere. Seeds that come from the digestion of these animals will thrive on a plain like this, sloping with heat and rainfall all year round. 

Hopefully that palm trees pictures are useful for those who read this blog.


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