Enjoy Palm Sap as a Fresh Drink

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a farmer is tapping palm sap to make a fresh drink

Can you enjoy palm sap as a fresh drink? In general, the lymph that comes out of the male flower bunches of the palm tree will be processed into sugar, Arenga Sugar. This clear liquid contains many nutrients that are beneficial to human health. That’ s why in some places in Indonesia it is drunk as a tonic to get rid of aches and pains. What’s interesting is that you can also enjoy it as a fresh drink. Smells good and tastes good.

We can enjoyed a freshly harvested of organic palm nectar as a delicious refreshment. These clear and sweet liquid are rich nutrient contents such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, thiamin, riboflavin, vitamin C, protein etc.

Every time I visit the group of palm sugar craftsmen who are partners with Arenga Indonesia, I always have the opportunity to enjoy fresh sap. You have to wake up early and then follow one of the craftsmen who will lower the sap that has been accommodated since yesterday afternoon.

But you have to bring your own cup because there is no one there to provide it for you. Remember this is in the forest not in a cafe.

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How does Fresh Palm Sap Taste?

When you drink fresh sap for the first time, I guarantee that your forehead will be a little wrinkled. This is a drink prepared by nature. All the original flavors that the palm tree collects come from the complex processing of water, sun and soil.

If the sap storage container uses a Lodong (bamboo tube), traces of smoke will also be recorded in the liquid. This is because this container has previously been sanitized by smoking it on a wood stove.

In general, the taste of fresh palm sap is delicious and the aroma smells like flowers. You can enjoy palm sap as a fresh drink.

But you have to be careful, especially for those with sensitive tummies, there is a chance you do not fit with these drinks. I have seen some people get into trouble after drinking it. They have an abdominal pain and diarrhea. It is okay for me though.

Drinking a cup of these fresh organic palm juice in the morning is quite powerful and can withstand a hunger for three hours in advance. This is based on my own research with my own body. I didn’t feel sluggish at all and also didn’t get dizziness as usual if I late for breakfast. Then I was thingkin about a diet liquid for weight loss 🙂

Enjoy Palm Sap as a Fresh Drink

Enjoy Palm Sap as a Fresh Drink

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