Arenga Pinnata

Arenga pinnata is the source of arenga palm sugar. They grow a lot in the region of Southeast Asia. In Indonesia many of them could be found in the mountainous forest of West Java. It is an ideal place, beside of its altitude they also get enough sunlight and rain throughout the years.

Arenga, a brand owned by Diva Maju Bersama, bring in all its raw materials from those forest moutains to deliver a good quality palm sugar to its customers.

Our source of Arenga pinnatas here don’t need any synthetic chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Besides the lush mountainous land, aren palm tree doesn’t require special care. They breed organically through the intermediary of the ferret. These animals eat the ripe of palm fruit and the seeds that can not be digested would come out with their feces. And not long after that the ones which were discarded in any place growth naturally. If deemed necessary some farmers would move those young palm trees into their field. But another will let them grow there until ready to harvest.

Whatever the choice for the palm cultivations are, one is certain, our farmers always maintain the culture of their intensive traditional knowledges and respect all the sacred values ​​inherited by their ancestors as a tribute to nature. They respect the palm tree as children of the motherland who will feed humanity.

Arenga pinnata produces high-grade palm sugar with savory flavors and aromas.

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arenga pinnata the source of palm sugar
Arenga pinnata plantation
arenga pinnata the source of palm sugar
Fruiting Arenga Pinnata

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  1. BlogsOf Hariyanto Mei 1, 2014 at 6:47 am

    pohon aren ini memang mesti dipelihara dan dibudidayakan…agar bisa menghasilkan produk aren yang berkualitas….,
    keep happyblogging always..salam dari Makassar 🙂

  2. Evi Saja Mei 1, 2014 at 6:50 am

    Iya Pak Hari. Terima kasih atas supportnya

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Arenga Customer Care

Untuk pertanyaan, kritik, dan saran seputar produk Arenga, silakan hubungi kami di nomor WhatsApp berikut ini:

0819 3241 8190


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