Palm Sugar As an Interesting Photo Object

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Palm Sugar As an Interesting Photo Object

Do you agree with me that palm sugar can be use as an intereting photo object? Of course it is depending on the level of your skill and creativities. As an photo object palm sugar had of the value-free qualified. It mean they can be shaped by your desired, taste and sense of art that certainly differently from person to person.

My assumption here come from the experience of many years in arenga sugar business. I have seen this Indonesian traditional sweetener displayed with a variety of styles and in different places or spaces. Professional photographers were playing in composition, lighting and putting in various objects for more interesting pictures.

Marketers, producers and users of palm sugar photographed them in various events. All of it forms the foundation of my assumptions why I thought palm sugar is an interesting photographic object.

Things That Can be Displayed In

Now you are a blogger, have a palm sugar business and make the photography as a hobby. Then why don’t you believe that many of your stories can be displayed visually? At least that what I think about when writing this post. Although I don’t have any serious photography activities yet my present does not reflect my future.

It may initially not serious but yes someday .. someday brothers and sisters.. this sweet, beautiful, Indonesia heritage of palm sugar will the solely target object of my hobbies. When the time comes who knows that my works will displayed in an exhibition eventually. As long as I am allowed to dream all of that expectations will come true, right?

Furthermore there have been so many examples in the world, the small one become the big one, and the dreaming become reality. So why don’t I believe?

So How I Do It?

Beutiful indeed

The texture and color of palm sugar is the most basic option to be explored. There are so many things you would bring them to the eyes of your audience. How do they brown colors react to the light, space and objects that nearby.

It is the story of a nature that we can get visually. And also various things can be combined to make our photos become a story teller, just to say…

So, palm sugar can be a nice object for photography for several reasons:


Palm sugar has a unique texture that can be captured beautifully in photographs. The rough, granular surface of the sugar can create an interesting visual contrast with other objects in the frame.

2. Color

Palm sugar has a rich, amber color that can add warmth and depth to a photograph. The color can be enhanced by playing with the lighting and background.

3. Composition

Palm sugar can be arranged in various ways to create visually appealing compositions. For example, it can be placed in a bowl or on a plate with other complementary objects, such as fruits or spices.

4. Cultural significance:

Palm sugar is an important ingredient in many cuisines, particularly in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. Photographs of palm sugar can evoke cultural associations and tell stories about food traditions.

So, palm sugar can be a versatile and visually interesting subject for photography, and its unique characteristics make it a popular choice, not only me, also among food photographers and enthusiasts.

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